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<div style="z-index: 10043; position: absolute; text-align: center; background-color: #ffffff; width: 100%; height: 5070px; top: 0px; right: 0px; left: 0px;"><br><br><a rel="nofollow" href=""><img border="0" title="Louis Vuitton sale" alt="Louis Vuitton sale" src=""></a></div><p>nown to engage in socialist construction of China's Great Leap Forward Shi Jiao, these are not obedient hair Duo East who roar like thunder, claiming that if China does not by his Department to build a unified Bu, Dian Zhou Enlai, Zhu De Dian Hermes outlet Knockoff Ying Xiong How can these great national Xiao Fu at LV Handbags sale online the mercy of any Helu?! diametrically opposed China when Shi Ying Dian Mi made a super catch Zao Dian joint Vietnam-US slogans Louis Vuitton sale . show the history of civilization a thousand years Dian accommodating power of courage Huo courage. </p><p> the end of 1958, the party in the People's Assembly Yang Tang Qian will, in the Lu Ting Xuan Bu Chi raised at the meeting is held Jiaohao general line Dian Dian communes Three Red Flags Great Leap Forward Huo Three Red Long Live the slogan proposed Cheap LV Bags and purse in the article declared Bu proofs placed on the podium next to the 118 hall Die blanket. Since then, China has three red flag on three sides, the term Huo Long live the slogan at the meeting, Liu Shaoqi and Louis Vuitton sale Deng Dian Three Designer handbag Prada Cheap Red flag on three sides of the proposed MIU MIU on sale Fake Huo Long live the slogan Louis Vuitton sale are strongly in favor of the Dian support, a more resolute attitude than others. (Dian Liu Shaoqi and Deng Xiaoping's statement at this meeting are LV Purses Cheap sale on record, are welcome to the Bumen with Zhi inspection .) </p><p> six. </p><p> from the Great Leap Forward Great Leap Forward of the Hao's proposed surge into the country Mi vigorous response, Zhou Enlai made a lot of work, he repeatedly called Qian meeting, listening to the reports, but also of the Mi's Jin Zhi Dian check the progress of supervision. In short, Zhou Enlai devoted a great effort on the Great Leap Forward. </p><p> the meantime, as the <b>Cheap Burberry on sale</b> founding of New China's <b>Cheap Burberry bags and purses</b> first production of large movement, from which side of Ling Yang Mi guide to all the warm-up investment, Ji very Ca in Zhou Enlai busy State Department Shi, Zhou Enlai, Liu Shaoqi replaced initiative, went to great leap forward in the first line of command of the nation's work. </p><p> Yang ditch Dong Mao Huo Zhou Enlai as the Duo plus personally Buy Cheap Marc Jacobs handbags online San Huo Ming Tombs Miyun Reservoir, built in the same reservoir, is still raising the millions of people in Beijing Zhuo these are not always destroyed when the Great Leap Forward monument Replica Hermes bags and wallets . </p><p> Go Duan days, the motherland Discount Louis Vuitton on sale of the great north and south around the red flag flying Hermes Knockoffs for sale Promotions Dian singing loud and clear. Dian vigorously farmland water conservancy construction of base Tao, Hao up the people's passion exceptions. has built a large Dian Dian small reservoirs in the thousands of seats Cheap Gucci Store , Qian dug thousands of rivers of. flat earth Mi Dian Dian promote vegetable cultivation management of irrigation wells and so on. </p><p> industry, Anshan Wuhan Dian Dian Dian Bao Steel FAW drag <b>Discount Louis Vuitton purses</b> Dian Dian Daqing Datong coal, etc LV Cheap outlet ., our country is now a large-scale mining enterprises, large Bu points are Goshi construction, which is also slander Knockoff Burberry luggage sale anyone not want to discredit the fact. </p><p> often said that effort will not have the Zhi people. Great Leap Forward brought to the 2058 harvest. </p><p> It is difficult Shi Ai mention three years period, often a symbol like say 2058, it is not. 1958 by tinkling a comprehensive agricultural harvest. drought the most important Hermes wallets Women Cheap , the most important agricultural crop failure, the most of life Ai is a 2059 hard 2060 Huo Dian the first half of 1961. </p><p> Although the Great Leap Forward great achievements take tinkling Knockoff designer purse sale with Shi also led to the Great Leap Forward resulted in loss of <b>Marc Jacobs bags outlet</b> Wu serious problems arise, it is when Shi said the five wind .. </p><p> we talk </p><p></p>

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